What is VeriCite?

VeriCite is a cloud-based service that identifies plagiarism by comparing submitted work against an ever-increasing database of sources.

How does it work?

We're building the most comprehensive and relevant database of academic content so you can evaluate with confidence the originality of student work

VeriCite compares submissions against a massive database of academic content. Each day approximately one million new sources are added based on the topics and sources institutions are using — including:


VeriCite compares your submissions against your institution's private repository of submissions that constantly grows with content relevant to your programs.


And we're working with publishers constantly to continually expand the database with more licensed content.

  • Minimum pricing is $1,000 per year for institutions with up to 1,000 accounts.
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Today, internet tools empower us all to find and reuse information.

They also increase the need to make sure it's properly cited.